Creating the Perfect Day

Big Sky Wedding Planning strives to make your wedding day beyond perfect.

We are based in Northwestern Montana in the Mission Valley.

Big Sky Wedding Planning has been featured in Rocky Mountain Bride Blog and Rustic Montana Weddings Magazine and have over a decade of wedding service experience.

There are currently discounts on remaining 2024 dates for one of our favorite venues,
The Silver Knot, so book your event soon!

About Us

Hope and Betsy founded Big Sky Wedding Planning in 2020. Though it is a young venture, these ladies are certainly pros, taking their many years of service in the wedding industry into consideration. Big Sky Wedding Planning strives to make your wedding day beyond perfect.

Betsy and Hope combined have over a decade of wedding service experience, from being an amazing DJ to creating a delectable wedding cake, from being the fun bartender to styling the picture perfect hair for walking down the aisle. Betsy and Hope will help make your wedding as perfect as possible.


If you are still looking for a wedding planner, stop right now and book Betsy and Hope through Big Sky Wedding Planning!

My husband and I got married at a local church and had our reception at Sky Ridge Ranch in June. It was the most magical day and having two wedding planners was the best decision for having two locations. We hired them for coordination on the rehearsal day as well as day-of coordination. Since they are also through Sky Ridge Ranch, it was a bonus that they could help with all of our planning questions and logistics along the way.

These two went above and beyond to make our day perfect. From securing a cathedral veil into my hair for the wedding ceremony to slicing wedding cake, these are your go-to girls for wedding day coordination. THANK YOU!

Allison Porter
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, June 2023

Betsy & Hope are the best wedding planning duo - they both worked tirelessly to make our day absolutely perfect! They took all of the stress off of us so we could truly enjoy the process of planning our wedding. We still have family members and friends that comment how perfect our wedding was every time we see them.

If you have the opportunity to work with Big Sky Wedding Planning for your wedding, do it. It will be the best money you spend in your entire wedding budget!

Meagan Kangas
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, August 2022

Betsy and Hope are incredible to work with. My husband (fiance, at the time) and I were initially hesitant to spend the money on wedding planning or day-of coordinating services; it was a bit out of budget for us, to be honest. But after one thing and another happened with our best-laid plans, I contacted Betsy hoping she would still have some availability and she did; my only regret is that we didn't hire them right from the start.

We had some unusual ideas about how we wanted our day to go and about the table decorations, and Betsy just 100% rocked it. And she did so despite the fact that the week before the event was so chaotic I never got her the last-minute instructions I had promised her. She was our day-of coordinator, too, and she was such a calming and competent presence the whole day.

10/10, would hire again.

Julie Moronuki
Married @ The Silver Knot, September 2022

Big Sky Wedding Planning was amazing to work with. Hope and Betsy didn’t miss a single detail and our wedding day was not only beautiful but seamless. Every detail was thought of and the day was perfect! They really went above and beyond. Thank you to Big Sky Wedding Planning and the Silver Knot for making our wedding day so special!

Tiffany Shanahan
Married @ The Silver Knot, May 2023

Hiring Betsy and Hope as day-of coordinators was one of the best wedding planning decisions we made! They were extremely helpful, kind, organized and efficient. They made everything feel taken care of, which was such a big help on wedding day! If you're considering hiring them to help with wedding coordinating, definitely do it! We cannot recommend them enough. Thanks Betsy and Hope!

Sydney Durglo
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, June 2023

You will be hard pressed to find such a professional, organized, friendly, and kind duo as Hope and Betsy with Big Sky Wedding Planning. How they do what they do, I will never understand. They are a solutions machine and will go above and beyond to make your wedding day a dream. You can’t go wrong.

Tiffany Williams
Wedding Photographer

My husband and I got married at Sky Ridge Ranch in August, and Hope and Betsy were our day-of (plus day-before) coordinators. We were so thankful for the both of them! We're from Texas, so we had to plan everything remotely, and Hope and Betsy were so helpful answering our questions and suggesting vendors to help us along.

The day before, they helped us get everything set up and guided us through our rehearsal. The day-of, they made sure everything went on flawlessly! We didn't do "full service" catering or a "full service" florist, so trust me, they had their hands full, and they delivered with such grace! We did not have to worry about anything on our big day. They did it all, and it all looked exactly as we had imagined! Thank y'all so much, Hope and Betsy!

Annie Dwyer
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, August 2021

What a wonderful time we had!

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the setup for the rehearsal dinner. It was so nice to be able to give Betsy the list of what needed to be done and what I was bringing and go through the list in our hour conference call and then to come and see it set up just as we had discussed! It was just perfect!!!

I also appreciated Betsy and Hope staying through the event, making sure everything ran smoothly. It was so nice for me to just be able to show up and do very little, ENJOY THE EVENT and not have to manage things and then leave at the end without taking care of anything. I really, really appreciated that!

I also want to thank you for being able to accommodate the last minute change of adding the welcome party after the rehearsal dinner… I’m not sure if you guys even were asked (notified) until that day!!! Things got a little hectic. It was really nice not to have to rush out and go somewhere else. Everyone loved it!

Carmen Bos
Mother of the Groom @ Sky Ridge Ranch, August 2021

Betsy and Hope! You were both so amazing in coordinating our daughter's wedding. Thanks so much for attending every detail and ensuring all of the decor we brought to the venue was meticulously placed and displayed! It can be difficult to plan a destination wedding, but you alleviated all of our concerns and stepped up to the challenge. Thank you so much for making the wedding weekend absolute perfection.

Ana Stern
Mother of the Bride @ Sky Ridge Ranch, August 2021

These two ladies went above and beyond to make my day special. Everything was so beautiful and perfect. They made it a stress free occasion. I highly recommend Betsy and Hope to help plan your special day.

Trisha Johnson
Married @ The Silver Knot, October 2020

Betsy and Hope were amazing. Everything ran smoothly and we didn't have any worries. I will recommend these two young ladies' services to everyone. Betsy's cake and cupcakes were a huge hit.

Jerry Johnson
Married @ The Silver Knot, October 2020

I was initially hesitant to hire a day-of coordinating team because I thought I had it under control. WRONG! Looking back, hiring Big Sky Wedding Planning was one of the best decisions we made!

Hope & Betsy showed up on Friday before our rehearsal dinner and instantly went to work setting up the space. For some reason table decorations were one of the things that stressed me out a ton. I had spent a lot of time envisioning what the tables would look like, and Hope & Betsy made them look 10 times better than I had expected! The girls also walked us through the ceremony on Friday before rehearsal dinner which was super helpful and efficient. It ended up pouring rain on our wedding day so the girls moved everything inside and made it look beautiful. THEY DID SO MUCH WORK! They lit candles in the barn, filled waters on the tables, made my sparkler tunnel happen, guided everyone through the ceremony, worked with and directed all of the vendors, and so much more!

The less you have to worry about on your wedding day, the better… so hire Hope & Betsy! They are so sweet and hard working. Can't recommend them enough.

Ashley Dennehy
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, September 2020

If you ever thought to yourself, "Do I need a wedding planner? But where do I go?"... You’ve found the place!! Hope and Betsy KILLED IT. I can’t believe how smooth everything went on my wedding day! Everyone told me to expect something to go wrong but honestly NOTHING DID, and I have them to thank for that! Hope got together with me a few times before the wedding and went over all the information I needed, was there at my rehearsal, set EVERYTHING up for me, reminded me to breath, and was on top of contacting all my vendors.

It honestly felt like I had another maid of honor helping me through my day. Thank you Hope and thank you Betsy for such a wonderful day!! I highly recommend!

Megan Rennich
Married @ Sky Ridge Ranch, September 2020