Our Services

Full Service Package

Begins one year to six months prior to the date of the wedding. Both Hope and Betsy are included in this package.

They will make sure to have everything organized for you, making a timeline to keep everything on track, creating a calendar that will include appointments and deadlines, and addressing other details for a smooth process. Betsy or Hope will always be there to attend any meetings or appointments to help in all decision making.


Day-Of Coordinating Package

Begins one to three months prior to the date of the wedding. Both Hope and Betsy will accommodate you and be involved in most aspects, but only one will actually attend the wedding day.

If you have done most of the hard work yourself and want to make yourself a guest at your own wedding, this package is for you. Big Sky Wedding Planning will work your vision into reality on your special day. Betsy and Hope will complete set-up of the venue and take charge of the rehearsal on the day before. One of these ladies will be available on-site the whole day of the wedding, providing a smooth ceremony, a delightful reception, and a fun party. Contact is ensured as many times as needed in pursuit of making your dream wedding come true.

Make sure to ask us about our à la carte services menu.


Day-Of ONLY Package

Begins one month to two weeks before the date of the wedding. Betsy or Hope will meet with you once for a walk through of the venue before the event date. One of these ladies will manage your timeline for the whole day and coordinate with your vendors and wedding party for a spectacular evening that your guests will remember.